Escapist Reading for Summer

Since I’ve always been more of an indoor girl when the sun is beating down in the summer (I blame my pale skin and blatant dislike of temperatures higher than 90 degrees), books are a constant companion as I retreat to the air conditioning. And whenever I’ve needed a break from reading and re-reading and making revisions to my novel Spaghetti in Exile, I’ve been enjoying a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles in the meantime. I’m proud to say that I’ve finally finished Susan Hermann Loomis’ delightful On Rue Tatin, which I started back in (gasp!) January. Lest you think… Continue reading

So What’s Your Book About?

Ever since I typed those two little words back in late February, the ones that every novelist can’t wait for after months and months of hard work, namely THE END, the weeks following have been basically consumed with one task. As I began reaching out to agents and various publishers, I answered some version of the following question: so what’s your book about? Some agents want it summed up in one tidy sentence like a movie’s logline, while others allow a luxurious paragraph or two. In a few instances, a synopsis was requested, and now I finally know why my… Continue reading

Pride & Prejudice Goes Modern

It was a cloudy summer day sort of like today when I first discovered Jane Austen. School was out for the summer, and I was desperately searching for something new to read at the local library. I’d already plowed through the majority of Judy Blume’s books and muscled my way through The Sword of Shannara, which at 736 pages, felt like an accomplishment of epic proportions for someone who’d just finished seventh grade. I’d also recently read the biography of the San Francisco Giants pitcher Dave Dravecky and a travel book about London, so perhaps in an effort to continue… Continue reading

Escaping to Sonoma County

Probably one of my most frequent critiques of modern-day filmmaking is the sheer lack of character development involved. Yes, I know that movies are a visual medium and shouldn’t be compared with their literary counterparts as a result. I also realize that it’s difficult to make characters a priority when a story is told in two hours or less. But what can I say? I want it all. When you’ve seen character development done well on the big screen, no amount of special effects splendor can compete. So by now, you’re probably wondering, what does all this chatter about characters… Continue reading

Why Hello There, Desk

Between December and January, I called the great state of Colorado my home for a little more than five weeks. Now that I’ve been back in Texas for going on five days, however, I must confess that it’s still sort of a strange reality to sit at my desk, and you know, write. I did a couple of assignments while I was away (on a side note, I’m so grateful for the flexibility of freelancing during my Mom’s whole ordeal) and a couple since I’ve been back, and planting my behind back in this desk chair still feels a little… Continue reading

Two BFFs, One Awesome Novel

Whether it’s called chick lit or a romantic comedy in novel form or women’s lit, I’ve always been a fan of smart and funny books written with the fairer sex in mind. But after being told again and again that chick lit was going the way of the CD, and I shouldn’t even bother writing my own because no one would ever consider publishing it, I stumbled upon a website that assured me that everything was going to be okay. That website was Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke’s Chick Lit is Not Dead. With a whip-smart sense of humor and… Continue reading