C’mon is there really anything cooler than sitting around with some of your best pals and discussing a novel you’ve just read—especially if wine and cheese are involved?

Show of hands? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Book clubs are a wonderful thing, and something I love being part of. So in the spirit of sharing, here are the reading guides for my two novels that are practically tailor-made for your book club. And if I’m reasonable driving distance? I’d even be willing to lead the discussion… :)

Around the World in 80 Dates

1. Given her lackluster track record, why do you think Sydney keeps on dating? if you were Sydney, would you be inclined to give up?

2. What do you think about Sam’s theory about birth order and relationships? Do you think there’s validity to it, or is it nothing more than psychobabble?

3. It’s often been said that in love relationships, opposites attract—and the same goes for friendships. Despite the obvious differences between Sydney and Rain, why do you think Sydney allows Rain to set her up with Justin?

4. It’s evident early on that Eli wants to date Samantha. From the list he’s made, what do you think is his most compelling reason for not doing so?

5. Have you ever made a list of places you absolutely, positively must visit before you die? If so, what destination is on top of the list? Why?

6. Do you think Sydney’s decision to move to Minneapolis in hopes of seeing Liam again was crazy or romantic? Would you have done the same?

7. When you discover that Liam is engaged to Anneka, are you panicked or secretly relieved for Sydney?

8. If you were Samantha, at what point would you have decided that Aidan wasn’t right for you? Was his Ferrari/Honda comparison really the clincher in your opinion?

9. Even though they seem to have a nice time together, why do you think Sydney shuts down Gareth’s advances so quickly in London?

10. When Liam invites Sydney to go to L.A. with him, it seems like he wants to commit by letting her be a part of his major business decisions. But when it’s all said and done, he still chooses potential success over a long-term relationship with her. Why do you think it’s so difficult for him to stand by Sydney when she’d do anything for him?

11. How do you feel when Justin eventually chooses to be with Kristin rather than Sydney? Do they seem like a good match? Why or why not?

12. Based on his obvious respect for Kristin and her beliefs, do you think Justin will eventually convert to Christianity? Why or why not?

13. When Sydney is offered the job in New York, she turns it down pretty quickly. Would you have accepted it? How about the position in Nashville? Why do you think Sydney declines these great opportunities?

14. At Rain’s wedding, Sydney and Gavin leave abruptly. Where do you think they’re going?

Blessed Are the Meddlers

1. After Jane’s disastrous date with Weston, why do you think she’s so eager to have Sydney set her up again?

2. When Sydney suggests setting up Campbell, the singles’ pastor, Gavin questions whether that’s a good move. Do you think that, by definition, a singles’ group leader should also be unattached? Why?

3. Do you think Samantha made the right decision in accepting the gift from Aidan when he unexpectedly turned up at Applebee’s? Or was that unfair to Eli?

4. Does it surprise you when Lucinda says she might try to find a guy at a local church? Do you think she has a chance of meeting someone her speed?

5. Given Samantha’s past track record with Aidan, do you think Eli has a reason to be worried about their relationship when Aidan comes back into the picture?

6. Like Jane, have you ever done something that was out of your comfort zone in hope of impressing a guy you have a crush on? Was the tactic successful?

7. What’s your gut reaction when Eli overhears Samantha confessing her feelings to Aidan? Do you think Samantha got what she deserved when Eli unexpectedly showed up?

8. Do you think Mystery Guy has enough going for him in the exchange at the bagel shop to warrant Sydney setting him up with Lucinda? Why?

9. Even though it’s way beyond the call of duty, why do you think Sydney is willing to breach journalistic etiquette to see if Elton is available to date Lucinda? Do you think Lucinda would really fire Sydney if she didn’t?

10. Would it be difficult for you not to be a superfan if you were interviewing the cast of your favorite TV show or movie? Why?

11. Why do you think Gavin has such a hard time writing songs from a happy place? Is joy really such a difficult emotion from which to create compelling art?

12. When Philip suggests a coffee date for his first date with Lucinda, she thinks it’s because he “doesn’t want to shell out the big bucks until he meets me for the first time.” Is meeting for coffee a lackluster first date?

13. Even thought it wasn’t the career step she was hoping for, do you think Jane was right in accepting the job in Los Angeles?

14. Do you agree with all of Sydney’s “Lucy for the Lovelorn” advice? If not, what specific instances are problematic?

15. When Gavin was offered a chance at a publishing deal, do you think he should have given it a shot? Why?

16. Why do you think Lucinda finally opts out of having a big wedding?

17. After everything Samantha went through with Aidan, do you think she’s ready for a relationship with Austin? Why?

18. What do you think Sydney has learned from her experiences in meddling? Do you think her days as a modern-day Emma are really over?

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