7 Essential Books For Writers

Let’s face it: There are a seemingly infinite number of books about writing, but how do you distinguish a helpful resource from the hype-y ones that guarantee, say, a bestseller in one month flat? Well first things first, like those get-rich schemes that pop up in infomercials late at night, anything that sounds too good to be true probably is. The truth is, great writing simply can’t be rushed. It’s a joyful yet painstaking process that requires time, effort and determination (and a killer critique partner wouldn’t hurt either). There’s a good chance you’ll want to rip up whatever you’re… Continue reading

Ready, Set, Pitch Slam!

Just shy of two weeks ago, I not only attended my first Writer’s Digest conference in NYC, but I survived (!!!) my first Pitch Slam. For anyone not familiar with a Pitch Slam, it’s like speed dating for writers. But instead of connecting with a cute guy or gal, your mission is to pique the interest of an agent or two (or more) who represents your chosen genre. The rules are simple enough: You get a minute and a half to pitch your passion project, and he/she gets a minute and a half to respond. If the conversation goes the… Continue reading

Writing Conference Newbie

I’ve been writing professionally for nearly two decades, and there’s hardly anything about my career that would be described as “textbook.” So come to think of it, it’s probably not all that crazy that I finally made my way to my first writers conference a whopping 10 years (!!!) after my first novel was published, right? Just typing that last sentence feels a little weird, though. Having a 10-year-old debut novel sort of feels like finding out the kids you used to babysit are now in college—or even scarier, getting MARRIED. It doesn’t seem quite possible, and yet, here we… Continue reading