Why Hello There, Desk

Between December and January, I called the great state of Colorado my home for a little more than five weeks.

Now that I’ve been back in Texas for going on five days, however, I must confess that it’s still sort of a strange reality to sit at my desk, and you know, write.

I did a couple of assignments while I was away (on a side note, I’m so grateful for the flexibility of freelancing during my Mom’s whole ordeal) and a couple since I’ve been back, and planting my behind back in this desk chair still feels a little odd.

To wit, the chair and I are basically like a couple of middle schoolers at the big dance, all nervous, awkward and not entirely sure of how to act around each other.

Considering it’s the beginning of a new year, I couldn’t think of a better time for us to get reacquainted because I have a novel to finish. It’s been a very, very long time coming, and there have been moments when I’ve wondered if I’d ever come close to typing “The End.” But I’m also a firm believer in good things taking time, so thanks to each and every one of you who’ve diligently checked on my progress. It means the world to me. :)

Unlike my previous two novels that I wrote the very same year, I’ve spent quite a bit of time getting to know these characters. And I’m hoping the result of that extra time and care will result in something you’re going to love to read. So stay tuned, friends and fellow book lovers, I’m getting closer and closer to the proverbial finish line. In the meantime, I’m rediscovering my writing rhythm and looking forward to seeing what results…

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  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to reading! :-) Soooo, new book coming soon!!? :D
    Blessings, Kat

  2. Always looking forward to the new one :) Hope everything is ok.

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