10 Words I’d Be Happy to Never to Hear Again…

Words are how I make my living, so you’d think I’d love and cherish each and every one of them, right? Well, I’m sitting at Starbucks typing as we speak, and I just heard one of my least favorite words—moist. Yes, one of the baristas was describing the cinnamon swirl coffee cake, and that’s the description he gave. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that cake that isn’t all dry, flavorless and basically the equivalent of a door stop is delightful indeed, but must it be called “moist?” Ewww. For whatever reason, hearing the “m” word today got me thinking about other… Continue reading

What’s That Again?

Once upon a time in a land without iPhones and Words With Friends, there was a young girl from America’s Dairyland who loved to play Scrabble. In fact, any time she had an opportunity to throw down a bingo (the Scrabble term for using all your letters in a single play), it was a happy, happy moment. And since she lacked the finesse and coordination required to play any actual sports that involved, you know, throwing, kicking and the like, Scrabble was the perfect avenue for her fiercely competitive nature. On snowy, wintry days when she simply didn’t feel like… Continue reading