Summer Reading, Having a Blast

Ok, so it’s not officially summer, but it already feels that way in DFW.

Right on schedule the humidity has arrived, along with thunderstorms galore. Before long, the temps will reach triple digits with no turning back until October. But you know what makes this sauna-esque season not quite so bad?

Air conditioning. And books.

As a kid, one of my favorite summer memories involved regular trips to our public library. I remembered being blown away that I could—gasp!—check out as many as I wanted. That said, I remained picky about the selection process. I’d carefully read the back cover copy and decide if that’s what I was in the mood for.

One week, it was sports biographies and fiction with a touch of romance. The next, I’d be absorbed in the trials and tribulations of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield from the Sweet Valley High series. When I was feeling particularly adventurous, I’d branch out into fantasy or science fiction. Mostly, I liked stories that transported me somewhere new.

My reading list has been pretty varied this summer, too. I just finished Sally Hepworth‘s rather twisty The Soulmate and couldn’t stop turning the pages. Just when I decided “yeah, this is the last chapter for the afternoon,” she kept the intrigue dialed way, way up.

Another novel I absolutely adored was Colleen Oakley‘s The Mostly True Story of Tanner & Louise. I doubt the execs at Netflix or Hulu are reading, but this story needs the TV series treatment. I could’ve hung out with this unlikely duo for even longer. Without getting into specifics, this was one unforgettable road trip.

Segueing back to thrillers momentarily, Liv Constantine certainly didn’t disappoint with The Senator’s Wife. Like The Soulmate, I needed to know what happened. Immediately. Naturally, my theories were all wrong. Way to keep me guessing, Liv.

Rounding out my favorite summer reads (so far) was Abby Jimenez‘s latest Yours Truly. Considering how good all her novels are, this may be my favorite. I loved the characters, the unexpected journey, not to mention the well-written letters I’m always a sucker for in real life. This book hits on every level. I may have teared up a few times.

Now dear readers, it’s your turn. What have you enjoyed reading this summer and what’s on your list? Do you enjoy reading by the pool, in the comfort of the AC, or like me in 1989, do you take your act outside and plop in a lounger that looks something like this (but didn’t cost nearly as much) with a glass of Nestea?

Note: I have no affiliation with the products I linked. Just wanted to give you a proper visual. :)

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  1. I need to read all of these!

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