So, I’m Officially An Aunt!!!

It’s still taking me a minute to process that my baby sister Lindsey (yes, she’s 8 years younger than me) has a baby now. After all, I used to change her diapers and dutifully held her in the perfect, big-sister way any time a babysitter showed up at our house. For reasons I’m still not sure of, Miss Lindsey would scream her pretty little head off if anyone but me held her—guess it was just an early sign of her good taste, huh?

And now she’s got a baby girl of her own to hold whether she’s screaming bloody murder or sleeping blissfully (we’re hoping for more of the latter, right?), and I couldn’t be me proud. Little Adelyn Grace McCormick arrived just before 8:00 this morning, weighing in just over 8 pounds and measuring 20 1/2 inches. Like her gorgeous parents, she’s quite a looker, and I already love her to pieces.

A giant congrats to Lindsey & Shayne!!!!

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