Pack Your Knives and Go!

1xzMaayI think Padma Lakshmi may have found her love match (hint: it’s not with her last boyfriend Richard Gere).

I think she and Gronk from the Patriots make a pretty cute couple, no?

On a side note, if Rob Gronkowski’s interviews are anything close to how he is in real life, oy vey. I’d pity the poor woman who had to listen to that. But on the episode of “Top Chef” where the Patriots tight end was featured recently, Padma sure looks happy, huh?

Speaking of “Top Chef,” this season in Boston has been really fun to DVR. While I’m still a little grumpy about last year when the pure awesomeness that was Nina Compton lost to the less deserving Nicholas Elmi (Tom Colicchio, I still blame you), I feel like the judges got it right this time around. Gregory and Mei are really the best of the pack, and I can’t wait to see how the finale shakes out this week.

It’s funny because unlike so many cooking competitions, the “Top Chef” challenges seem to be the most grueling. There’s probably no real-life circumstance where anyone, even a Michelin-star chef, would be forced to feature ant eggs in a fine dining dish, but it sure makes for great television. I’m sure I’d be asked to “pack my knives and go” after the first episode, you know long before the dreaded ant eggs showed up.

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