Missin’ the Eternal City

6a00e55379a9748834017c37f47377970bAll the talk about the new Pope, not to mention a friend’s recent Facebook post about missing Italy got me thinking about how it’s already been two years (!!!) since Will and I traveled on the overnight train from Paris to Rome.

Yes, back in March of 2011, I was like any of the random people Will snapped in this picture, a tourist just taking everything in—and loving every minute of it.

The architecture, the warmth of the Italian people, the pizza (trust me, there’s nothing like it), the broccoli trees, I loved everything about this city and would’ve been content to stay a long, long time. For whatever reason, I just felt like I belonged there, even if my Italian is pretty much limited to “hello,” “goodbye,” “thank you,” “you’re welcome” and “spaghetti.”

Like Audrey Hepburn in my all-time favorite movie Roman Holiday, our time in the Eternal City was short but thoroughly memorable all the same. Taking a cue from Princess Anne, I even stuck my hand in La Bocca Della Veritå and lived to tell about it. Now if I’d only thrown a coin into the Trevi Fountain to “guarantee” a repeat trip…

My guess is that we’ll head back anyway, though…it’s an absolute must!

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