Yes, It All Began in a Library…

First things first, how cute is this library in Aix en Provence?

I didn’t have a chance to go inside. but I can just tell it would be a fun place to read.

Speaking of libraries, there’s one in Ladysmith, Wisconsin that played a crucial role in my love of words and stories. Whenever someone has asked “When did you know you wanted to be an author?” I can trace it back to a summer afternoon at our local library.

I remember the day so well all these years later. I was reading Judy Blume’s Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and couldn’t stop laughing. Forget any comedian, I thought Judy was THE funniest person ever. And when I grew up, I knew I wanted to be her. She got paid for making up stories. And her work sparked my imagination.

I remember being in total awe when I discovered you could check out as many books as you wanted at the library. It seemed like a trick, too good to be true. But whenever I brought my stack of books to the checkout counter, I was never denied. Back then, a library card ranked as my greatest currency.

To this day I have a library card and love stopping by the Southlake location whenever I have a chance. Not only is it a welcoming and quiet place to write, but I always stumble upon something new to read whenever I visit.

Libraries remain such an important part of the community, and I’ll forever be grateful for the one that inspired me to keep reading, keep creating, and keep being curious.

How about you? Did you (or do you) frequent your local library? What books were you introduced to as a result?


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