R.I.P. Borders

Given how insanely popular the e-reader has become, I should’ve known this day was coming—and fast… But when I heard that Borders was closing all its remaining stores, I was still sad and rather bummed out all the same. Naturally, my petty gripes about missing a bookstore pale in comparison to the 10,000+ people who lost their jobs as a result. While I’m mourning the loss of a place where I read, drank coffee and played the occasional game of Scrabble with my favorite people on the planet, I can only imagine how devestated they are and hope that everyone… Continue reading

Surviving Texas

While I’m not completely new to Southern living since I lived in Nashville for eight years not that long ago, I will confess that living in Texas has been a major shock to my system after four years back in Minneapolis/St. Paul. For one, I’d forgotten (or simply blocked out) just how hot and sticky the summers are, and for another, I’m still getting used to being called “honey” and “sweetie” by complete strangers all over again. Of course, the people in Minnesota are known for being nice (hence the expression “Minnesota nice”), but this brand of friendly sometimes catches… Continue reading

The Lost Art of Writing Letters

While packing for a big move is generally one giant hassle, I have to admit that I actually love getting rid of all the stuff I really don’t need. I’ve never been a pack rat by nature, and clutter drives me absolutely nuts, so any opportunity to streamline our stash (especially after four years in the same apartment) is always welcome. But in all my overzealous fits of throwing junk away over the years, I’ve always held on to an unobtrusive, medium-sized box of letters and cards that have really meant something to me. With Will starting his new job… Continue reading

Nashville, I’m Back…

Just like clockwork, April always brings… 1. The great un-thawing of Minnesota. (Well, except for last year when it actually decided to SNOW! Guess who wasn’t happy about that? Yep, you guessed it, yours truly. 2. Some sort of allergy/cold combo where I can’t breathe properly through my newly acquired Rudolph nose, usually before, after or during GM Week in Nashville (and thank goodness, it arrived right on schedule a week before my trip). 3. My annual trek to Music City for the aforementioned festivities. Much fruit tea and black bean salad is consumed with friends, music interviews are conducted,… Continue reading

There’s Nothing Like SD-6 For the Holidays

Will and I recently revisited the first two seasons of “Alias” (and wow, it was just as good as I remembered), one of my all-time favorite TV shows (or before it went downhill from Season 4 on). Since I was a big fan of “Felicity,” another J.J. Abrams’ gem that Jennifer Garner made a cameo in, the spy adventures of Sydney Bristow were recommended to me a few times before I officially signed on for the mission. I’d been told many, many times that I’d be hooked as soon as I started watching. And of course, it didn’t take long… Continue reading