Rest in Peace, CDs

I know, I know, the CD died long before Best Buy recently decided to stop selling them (rumor has it, Target is next) as most people have comfortably made the transition to all things digital. And while I’m usually a fan of anything that frees up additional shelf space, it’s the weirdo, clutter-free freak in me, I’m still a little bummed that CDs are rapidly going the way of cassettes and 8-tracks. Worse yet, they’re also destined to be mocked by future generations. You’re kidding, you had to put that shiny, frisbee-like thing into a CD player to hear music? Perish… Continue reading

Happy 10th Birthday, Debut Novel

I can hardly believe it’s been 10 (!!!) years since the release of my first novel, Around the World in 80 Dates. While my book’s actual birthday was back on September 27, it was October 18, 2007 when I first spotted it on the shelf at Borders in Roseville, Minnesota (still miss you Borders, R.I.P.). As I picked up my novel from the shelf and, you know, confirmed it was mine, I was having a total That Thing You Do! moment in my mind where I wanted to scream “That’s MY book!” to everyone in striking distance. Since I didn’t… Continue reading

20 Years Since I Was a College Freshman?

A friend of mine was feeling a little nostalgic and recently wrote a blog post about how it’s been 20 (!!!) years since she was a freshman at North Central University, which was known back then as North Central Bible College. And that hit me pretty hard because she and I were (gasp!) in the same class. Has it really been two full decades since I started college? It was about this time in August 1994 when my Mom and I packed the family minivan full of more stuff than could possibly fit in a dorm room. I’m really not… Continue reading

What’s That Again?

Once upon a time in a land without iPhones and Words With Friends, there was a young girl from America’s Dairyland who loved to play Scrabble. In fact, any time she had an opportunity to throw down a bingo (the Scrabble term for using all your letters in a single play), it was a happy, happy moment. And since she lacked the finesse and coordination required to play any actual sports that involved, you know, throwing, kicking and the like, Scrabble was the perfect avenue for her fiercely competitive nature. On snowy, wintry days when she simply didn’t feel like… Continue reading

There’s Nothing Like SD-6 For the Holidays

Will and I recently revisited the first two seasons of “Alias” (and wow, it was just as good as I remembered), one of my all-time favorite TV shows (or before it went downhill from Season 4 on). Since I was a big fan of “Felicity,” another J.J. Abrams’ gem that Jennifer Garner made a cameo in, the spy adventures of Sydney Bristow were recommended to me a few times before I officially signed on for the mission. I’d been told many, many times that I’d be hooked as soon as I started watching. And of course, it didn’t take long… Continue reading

The Changing Face of Journalism

It’s no secret that reading the news isn’t a particularly uplifting experience. No longer a leisurely activity simply enjoyed with your morning coffee and pastry, one glance at most headlines is enough to shoot anyone’s mood from fancy-free to foul in a matter of seconds. And if you just happen to be a journalist? Well, there’s even more headlines to grumble about these days. Need proof? Just check out Gawker ( where the latest journalistic casualties are reported with the gusto of sports highlights on ESPN. Between all the newspapers and magazines going bankrupt (even my hometown paper—The Minneapolis Star… Continue reading