Missin’ the Eternal City

All the talk about the new Pope, not to mention a friend’s recent Facebook post about missing Italy got me thinking about how it’s already been two years (!!!) since Will and I traveled on the overnight train from Paris to Rome. Yes, back in March of 2011, I was like any of the random people Will snapped in this picture, a tourist just taking everything in—and loving every minute of it. The architecture, the warmth of the Italian people, the pizza (trust me, there’s nothing like it), the broccoli trees, I loved everything about this city and would’ve been… Continue reading

10 Words I’d Be Happy to Never to Hear Again…

Words are how I make my living, so you’d think I’d love and cherish each and every one of them, right? Well, I’m sitting at Starbucks typing as we speak, and I just heard one of my least favorite words—moist. Yes, one of the baristas was describing the cinnamon swirl coffee cake, and that’s the description he gave. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that cake that isn’t all dry, flavorless and basically the equivalent of a door stop is delightful indeed, but must it be called “moist?” Ewww. For whatever reason, hearing the “m” word today got me thinking about other… Continue reading

A Tribute to Nora Ephron

Although we’ve never chatted over a cappuccino somewhere in Manhattan or exchanged friendly banter about where you can score the best tiramisu in the West Village since she was a major foodie, I’ve always thought that Nora Ephron and I could be great friends. You know, if we actually knew each other… See, in my book she’s right up there with Jane Austen and Judy Blume as a writer who has a particularly profound influence on me—and my own work. Not only does her quick wit, ear for dialogue, cultural observations and clever turns of phrase still make me insanely… Continue reading

39 Pages In, And I’m Laughing…

Whether it was the year he followed the Bible as literally as possible, his attempt to outsource even the most mundane details of his life or the random musings that resulted from reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, I love reading about author A.J. Jacobs’ various social experiments. So naturally, when I heard that he was now dabbling in practically every diet and fitness regimen that’s out there in his pursuit for perfect health, well, I couldn’t wait to start reading. Normally, a book about diet and exercise wouldn’t exactly be my idea of a veritable page-turner. But Jacobs’ intriguing observations,… Continue reading

What’s That Again?

Once upon a time in a land without iPhones and Words With Friends, there was a young girl from America’s Dairyland who loved to play Scrabble. In fact, any time she had an opportunity to throw down a bingo (the Scrabble term for using all your letters in a single play), it was a happy, happy moment. And since she lacked the finesse and coordination required to play any actual sports that involved, you know, throwing, kicking and the like, Scrabble was the perfect avenue for her fiercely competitive nature. On snowy, wintry days when she simply didn’t feel like… Continue reading

R.I.P. Borders

Given how insanely popular the e-reader has become, I should’ve known this day was coming—and fast… But when I heard that Borders was closing all its remaining stores, I was still sad and rather bummed out all the same. Naturally, my petty gripes about missing a bookstore pale in comparison to the 10,000+ people who lost their jobs as a result. While I’m mourning the loss of a place where I read, drank coffee and played the occasional game of Scrabble with my favorite people on the planet, I can only imagine how devestated they are and hope that everyone… Continue reading