Beating the Laptop Blues

photoWhen you’re a writer, you spend many, many days in the company of your laptop. And while I’m incredibly thankful for the portability and functionality of my MacBook, sometimes I type so much that I’m convinced I’m going to wind up with carpal tunnel or something.

Just to be clear, being busy as a freelance writer is a very, very good thing. But when I’m not writing movie reviews, features and media reviews and segue into full-on novel-writing gear, I’ve discovered that “kicking it old school” has been a welcome, inspiring change of pace.

Just like my high school English class where we spent the first 15 or so minutes “journaling” about whatever we felt like, I’ve also been using a five-subject notebook and pen to capture my thoughts and dialogue for my work in progress.

Surprisingly enough, revisiting my girly, loopy cursive has been a fruitful exercise. It reminds me of my carefree, free-flowing writer self, the girl who wrote for hours just for the fun of it and didn’t critique or edit until I was finished with whatever I was working on.

Now instead of pushing the delete key, I’m using little scribbles and arrows to make changes along the way, and for some reason, I’m getting a lot more done because I’m not scrolling back to the top of my document and re-reading what I’ve written for the umpteenth time.

Ever notice how procrastination can show up in the form of making very minor edits to what you’ve already done rather than actually, you know, writing anything new?

Yep, I’m raising my hand.

So whatever it’s worth, I can’t recommend my old friends Notebook and Pen enough, especially if you’re stuck in a bit of a rut. Sure, you’ll eventually have to type whatever you’re written but it’s certainly freed me up to get my thoughts down and move forward.

It probably also helps that my notebook doesn’t come with Internet access, so that’s another big plus for productivity. :)

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