A Two-Sentence Horror Story? Done.

Are you on Goodreads?

It’s what I like to think of as social media for enthusiastic readers. It’s the place where I document all the books I’ve finished for the yearly reading challenge and share a bit about my work on my author page.

I recently answered a slew of fun questions from y’all in the “Ask the Author” section. One person asked for a two-sentence horror story. Done. Another asked which fictional book world I’d like to travel to—and what I’d do there. A fun scenario to contemplate.

Some questions skewed more writing-specific. What inspires me to write. The best thing about being a writer. How I cope with the inevitable writer’s block. My favorite question inquired about what mystery in my life could be a plot for a book. That was fun.

If you’re curious about how I answered these and other pressing questions, feel free to visit my Goodreads page. If you have a question about anything, there’s a place for that, too. If you have book recommendations, I’d love to hear them. Feel free to “friend” me.

Now how about you, got a two-sentence horror story you’d like to share?

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