10 Words I’d Be Happy to Never to Hear Again…

6a00e55379a9748834017c37080161970bWords are how I make my living, so you’d think I’d love and cherish each and every one of them, right?

Well, I’m sitting at Starbucks typing as we speak, and I just heard one of my least favorite words—moist. Yes, one of the baristas was describing the cinnamon swirl coffee cake, and that’s the description he gave.

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that cake that isn’t all dry, flavorless and basically the equivalent of a door stop is delightful indeed, but must it be called “moist?”


For whatever reason, hearing the “m” word today got me thinking about other words I don’t like, so I thought I’d share a few for your reading pleasure.

Surreal. This is a word that actors throw around a lot, particularly during awards season. Working with (insert actor or director here) was surreal. The Academy giving me this award is surreal, blah, blah, blah, blah, yak. In fact, when you watch the Oscars this weekend, listen for it. My money’s on Anne Hathaway using it during her “Best Supporting Actress” speech when she’s waxing poetic about working on the dream of a project known as Les Misérables.

Literally. My hatred of this word mostly stems from the fact that it’s used improperly again and again. Most of the things people add “literally” to isn’t literal in the least. Figurative? Maybe. Literal? No. Ok, moving on…

Poignant. Sure, the word’s meaning is pleasant enough, but I’ve never been a fan of how this word sounds. Whenever “poignant” fits with what I’m describing, I opt for another adjective instead. It’s just how I roll…nothing in my world is poignant.

Nice. The blandest of adjectives. Whenever I hear this milquetoast sentiment, I die a little inside—not literally, of course. If something’s merely “nice,” why bother even referencing it?

Chortle. Yes, Lewis Carroll used it when he said “he chortled in his joy,” but I  just can’t bring myself to follow suit. To me, “chortle” is one of those annoying words that doesn’t sound like what it means, so I avoid it altogether.

Blog. Really? There isn’t a better word for this jaunty little webpage? Grrrr.

Emoticon(s). Another techie term that drives my ears crazy. Emotions? Fine. Icons? I can deal. But when these two words join forces? No, no, no, no, NO! :(

Honestly. This is one of those icky filler words that I loathe with a passion. Does anyone have to use “honestly” when trying to convey that something’s true? Are we being dishonest every other time if we don’t use “honestly” as a qualifier? I’d like to take a red pen and scratch out this word permanently from the vocabulary of mankind. Can I get a witness?

Panties. I won’t elaborate on this one, but say it a few times, and it won’t take you long to figure out why it should be never said again. Ick.

Ok, readers, so now that I’ve gone on and on about the words I can’t stand, I’d love to hear a few of yours—and why Webster’s should banish them from the dictionary. Any words you’d be happy never to hear again?

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