Getting Older Isn’t SO Bad

A year ago, I was mourning the arrival of the dreaded 38. And now that I’m (gasp!) 39, I’ve already had someone ask me if I’ve had a colonoscopy.

The answer is no, but given my family history, I suppose I should add that to my to-do list. Yippee!

It doesn’t seem possible that it’s 2015 or that I’m 39, but I’m writing today with a very full heart. As many of you already know from my posts on Facebook, my Mom had brain surgery a month ago today. Even with 30 full days to process what happened, it still doesn’t feel right typing that. It doesn’t seem remotely possible, and yet it was.

But in what’s been the craziest season of my life since my Dad was sick, I’m thankful for beautiful, unexpected mercies, big and small. I’m thankful for the two best siblings a girl could ask for and two beautiful nieces who made my smile even when I wanted to sob. I’m thankful for the love and support of my dear husband and the good thoughts, well wishes and prayers of friends near and far. Every little note, e-mail, card, Facebook post, etc. meant so much, and I can’t thank y’all enough.

I’m also grateful for the skilled hands of the neurologist, the kind nurses who attended to my Mom’s every need and the words of an ancient hymn that kept me encouraged when everything felt incredibly uncertain.

After spending Christmas with my Mom in Colorado, I continue to be overwhelmed by how far she’s come in such a short time. With a heart full of gratefulness and her sense of humor, not to mention her feisty independent streak, fully intact, she’s getting a little stronger every day. And just in case I ever questioned that, she whipped me at Yahtzee several times and gave me a really good run for my money in Scrabble, which was pretty much the best way to wrap up what’s been a very eventful 2014.

On the family health front, however, let’s just say I’m hoping that 2015 is significantly more boring. Fingers crossed, anyway. Now about that colonoscopy…

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