05.10.05: The Day I Said Yes in Chicago

I love whenever May 10th rolls around. In the world of Will and Christa, it’s a national holiday because it’s the day we got engaged back in 2005. Speaking of which, I can’t  believe that was eight (!!!) years already. Time is, indeed, flying right on by. Back in 2005, we were in Chicago because that’s where U2 was. While Will had seen those fabulous Irishmen in concert already, I hadn’t. So needless to say, that needed to be remedied, and the “Vertigo” tour was the perfect initiation. While U2 was just as spectacular as I thought they’d be live,… Continue reading

Missin’ the Eternal City

All the talk about the new Pope, not to mention a friend’s recent Facebook post about missing Italy got me thinking about how it’s already been two years (!!!) since Will and I traveled on the overnight train from Paris to Rome. Yes, back in March of 2011, I was like any of the random people Will snapped in this picture, a tourist just taking everything in—and loving every minute of it. The architecture, the warmth of the Italian people, the pizza (trust me, there’s nothing like it), the broccoli trees, I loved everything about this city and would’ve been… Continue reading