Ringing in 2019 Roman-Style

When boarding a last-minute flight to Rome simply isn’t possible, the next best thing is enjoying a cozy dinner that reminds you of eating in an Eternal City trattoria — a place where the pasta, pizze al taglio, even the fried Castletravano olives, are all right on point.

And that’s exactly how we felt, totally transported, at Sprezza on New Year’s Eve in Dallas. While we devoured the olives at record pace (who knew that coating … Continue reading

Homemade Ravioli (x3)

934896_10152739538841024_8407022330104149395_nI may not have a drop of actual Italian blood in my body, but I often feel like I’m an honorary Italian because I love their food so much.

To wit, is there really anything better than pillow-y ravioli filled (and topped) with something delicious? I’d be hard-pressed to dream up a tastier lunch than the one I just had with my friend Krista (this collage is her handiwork, by the way) at Sur La Table last Friday.

Yes, we … Continue reading

Midnight Spaghetti

imagesAfter watching Jon Favreau whip up some Spaghetti Aglio E Olio (that’s Italian for spaghetti with garlic and olive oil) for Scarlett Johansson in the movie Chef, I knew I needed to make some for Will (and me, too, of course).

So last Sunday, I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently, after working a long, long shift on the line, this is the go-to meal for restaurant chefs. Since they typically get home around midnight, it’s … Continue reading

Making Pasta From Scratch

Well, I’ve finally redeemed my Valentine’s Day present from Will…a gift certificate for a class from the Cooks of Crocus Hill school in St. Paul.

And no, he wasn’t dropping a hint about my cooking prowess, I promise. :)

See, I’ve always talked about wanting to take a class, and Will, being the great listener that he is, decided that might make a really fun gift.

He was definitely right.

On a side note, since I think he’d love seeing … Continue reading