Rest in Peace, CDs

I know, I know, the CD died long before Best Buy recently decided to stop selling them (rumor has it, Target is next) as most people have comfortably made the transition to all things digital. And while I’m usually a fan of anything that frees up additional shelf space, it’s the weirdo, clutter-free freak in me, I’m still a little bummed that CDs are rapidly going the way of cassettes and 8-tracks. Worse yet, they’re also destined to be mocked by future generations. You’re kidding, you had to put that shiny, frisbee-like thing into a CD player to hear music? Perish… Continue reading

U2’s Opening Night

Considering I got engaged to my forever love only hours before U2’s last Chi-town stint, it definitely wasn’t going to be easy for our latest U2 concert experience to top that. Will upstaged Bono so beautifully, no easy feat, with four simple words: Will you marry me? But I must say, even without a magical marriage proposal beforehand, the opening night of the “360” tour on September 12 at Chicago’s Soldier Field was still pretty spectacular… Before the show, we were actually thisclose to saying hi to Bono himself when we noticed a crowd of people assembling at one of the… Continue reading

Two Weeks With the Fab Four

Although I’m more than a decade too young to have experienced Beatlemania firsthand, I was first “introduced” to the lads from Liverpool by a high school friend in the early 90’s. Sad, I know. But better late than never, right? So basically while everyone else was sporting the flannel, crushin’ on everyone from Eddie Vedder to Billy Corgan and rockin’ out to “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” I was gaining quite an education about the band that forever changed the pop music landscape. As my friend and I flipped through countless pics of the band and listened to the music any… Continue reading