Yep, Stephen King Nailed It!

“Hard to put down, harder to forget.”— Stephen King

This is the sort of glowing blurb any author dreams about. But you know what’s even better? When the acclaim is right on the money.

And honestly if you read Yellowface that’s saying a lot because like The Great Gatsby, The Girl on a Train, and practically everyone except the cat in Gone GirlYellowface features a very unlikable protagonist.

While I won’t venture into spoiler territory here, this is truly a book that was impossible to put down and something I’m still thinking about weeks after I finished the last page.

In a way that feels fresh, organic, and never preachy, R.F. Kuang doesn’t hold back on exploring the nuances of a person who stumbles into the ethical dilemma of a lifetime. What would you do if you were in writer June Hayward’s shoes? I’m guessing it’s not what she chose, that’s for sure.

And yet, you find yourself completely invested in whether she’ll get her eventual comeuppance. Or at least I did.

How about you? Do you enjoy fiction where the leading lady, man, (or both), are sort of hideous yet completely enthralling? What’s your favorite story where maybe the good guy or gal doesn’t win?

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