Six Years Ago @ Bocca della Verita

Facebook can be annoying for a million reasons, but  I do like when you’re reminded about fun little moments in life.

Six years ago, Will and I were in Rome. It was my first time in Italy, and it was totally love at first sight. The food, the trees, the art, the architecture, the little cobblestone streets…yeah, you could say it was my jam. I felt right at home.

One of my all-time favorite movies was completely shot on location there, too, so naturally when in Rome, we had to stop by Bocca della Verita (otherwise known as “the mouth of truth”).

Like Audrey Hepburn and Marisa Tomei before me, I stuck my hand in (forgive the blurry picture) and SURVIVED. It was so much fun having my Roman Holiday moment, which coincidentally was the first film I ever showed Will when we were dating. Naturally it accompanied a homemade Italian meal where I whipped up three-cheese tortellini with homemade spicy marinara and rosemary Tuscan bread. For dessert, I took a little help from the grocery store and served his favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s for dessert (not Italian, of course, but still delicious). All in all, the evening was a success, and we continued the Italian theme a couple of nights later with The Godfather.

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