39 Pages In, And I’m Laughing…

6a00e55379a9748834016304ff5678970dWhether it was the year he followed the Bible as literally as possible, his attempt to outsource even the most mundane details of his life or the random musings that resulted from reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, I love reading about author A.J. Jacobs’ various social experiments.

So naturally, when I heard that he was now dabbling in practically every diet and fitness regimen that’s out there in his pursuit for perfect health, well, I couldn’t wait to start reading.

Normally, a book about diet and exercise wouldn’t exactly be my idea of a veritable page-turner. But Jacobs’ intriguing observations, not to mention sly wit, as he describes his quest for bodily perfection is what makes Drop Dead Healthy so thoroughly entertaining.

In fact, I’m only 39 pages in, and I’ve already given my abs a pretty decent workout from laughing so much…think I can count that as exercise?

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