Meet the Writer: Part Two With Betsy St. Amant

In the interest of everyone’s eyes not popping out of their sockets from scrolling and scrolling, we split the interview with the delightful Betsy St. Amant into two posts.

And where better to continue than our conversation about Gilmore Girls.

Christa: Did the Gilmore Girls’ Netflix revival live up to your expectations?

Betsy: Yes and no! In so many ways, I loved what they did and how they wrapped some things up, especially with Lorelai’s love life. And I love the tribute to Richard. But I didn’t like what they did to Rory’s character, at ALL.

Christa: If they did a second revival, how do you think Lorelai fares as a grandmother?

Betsy: She would be THE COOLEST. I could imagine a lot of scenes where she accidentally starts acting like Emily does with Rory, though, and freaking out! Ha!

Christa: What do you think she wants to be called? I’m guessing grandma won’t cut it.

Betsy: Definitely not. Something cool or hip, or totally random would be my guess. Like ChaCha or Glamma instead of Gram-ma.

Christa: Lastly, who is your favorite side character on the series?

Betsy: This is a hard pick. Kirk is hilarious but you also want to wring his neck. Same with Paris. Sometimes I adore Paris, other times I want to drop-kick her. Babette is great for laughs, with her raspy voice and no filter. Can I keep all of them??

Christa: Of course, we can! Switching gears, where can people connect with you online?

Betsy: You can find my website here where you can sign up for my monthly newsletter. I’m on Instagram and Facebook, too.

And now for The Banister Questionnaire

What’s the first book that made you crazy about reading? During my childhood, that would be From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler! I also devoured the entire Baby-Sitters Club series, and Saddle Club, etc. But for my older teen/adult years, that would definitely be the Glenbrooke Series from Robin Jones Gunn.

Characters or plot? I am a very character-driven writer! Honestly, all good books are character-driven, or they don’t sustain the test of time. Plot matters, of course, but if you have this amazing high-octane story and flat, unrelatable characters living out that plot…no one cares for long! Of course, the true ideal is BOTH.

What authors’ books do you always buy no matter what the story is about? Melissa Tagg, Becky Wade, Denise Hunter, Liz Johnson, and Katie Ganshert.

Are you a plotter or a pantser and why does that method work for you? I’m a plotter, somewhat by nature and also by force/necessity. I sell on proposal, which means I have to have a synopsis to even write the full book in the first place! But the more books I write, the more I realize how crucial proper planning is before sitting down to draft that first chapter.

Actual book or digital download? Give me all the paperbacks! I will read on my Kindle if I have to, but I’m on a screen for my day job, and my editing side business, so I like to enjoy real paper when I get the chance!

What’s your favorite bookstore? Location, please. Shreveport unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of options for books— we have a used bookstore, which is fun and quirky (Thrifty Peanut) but at the end of the day, my first-choice brick & mortar is Barnes & Noble. My local B&N is very supportive of my books, and they love when I come do book-signings or come sign stock.

Describe your ideal writing environment. QUIET. Ha! That’s a rarity around here. I like the thought of writing in a coffee shop, but I get easily distracted, so it’s not as productive as my ideal setup at home on my desktop computer. I don’t type as fast on a laptop, and I’m convinced laptop mouse— mouses?—mice?— are cursed.

Coffee or tea? I think I know the answer here, but let’s get it on the record. COFFEEEEEE!

What’s your favorite way to procrastinate when you know you should be writing but don’t feel like it? Playing with my Schnauzer 😊 The hard part is, he usually begs me to, so I procrastinate a lot.

What are you working on at the moment? I’m starting my first book in my three-book deal with Sunrise Publishers and I am absolutely loving it. They will all three stack release in 2025. Get ready to spend some time in Magnolia Bay!




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