I Don’t Know How I Feel About You, 2018.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still adjusting to this whole 2018 thing.

We’re more than halfway through January, and I still feel a bit discombobulated. I’ve celebrated another birthday right on schedule on the 2nd, and all the Christmas decorations have been safely boxed up for two weeks now, but I’m still not quite back to business as usual. Or for me, writing as usual unless it involves a firm, nope-you-can’t-procrastinate-darling, freelancing deadline.

Yes, it’s been somewhat of a hibernation period for my beloved work in progress, and 17 days into January, I now hear Anne Lamott scolding me a little. If you haven’t read Bird by Bird, let’s just say she’s a loud and quite incessant advocate of telling writers that no matter how they’re feeling—inspired, thoroughly idea-less or somewhere in between—they must plop their booties in the chair (I’m paraphrasing but not by much) and WRITE SOMETHING ANYWAY (yes, the ALL CAPS felt appropriate there).

Sure, there’s a possibility that whatever you come up with may, in fact, be horrible and laden with bad syntax, even worse character development and an abundance of adverbs. Those paragraphs may even warrant being deleted from total oblivion when you re-read them a few days later. But the important thing is that you wrote something. You’re not a writer because you had a few fleeting thoughts about writing, after all. You’re a writer because you actually did it. I repeat these words to myself on a regular basis.

So I’m using that idea to spur me on today. While a few of my New Year’s aspirations involve the requisite health improvements, spending less time on social media and the like, one of the big ones is to finally finish my WIP and send it off to the lovely women I met in NYC last year.

But that won’t happen, of course, if I don’t solder my backside to my desk chair and get going already, so that’s what I’m doing today, my friends. Strangely enough as I typed that I just heard the theme from Chariots of Fire in my head.

I guess I’ll take that as a good sign for #motivation.

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