Tearing Down, Rebuilding, Repeat

Since we last spoke, I’ve been taking all the wonderful advice I was given at Pitch Slam and tearing down (and rebuilding) the house formerly known as Spaghetti in Exile. The process is as messy and complicated as one might expect. I’ve taken a hammer to sentences and paragraphs and even chapters I once held sacred. I’ve axed entire characters and plotlines altogether (and not in a murder mystery kind of way). I’ve chiseled and smoothed away a few rough edges and constructed a few new beams for support. Basically I’m one novel away from getting a show on the… Continue reading

So What’s Your Book About?

Ever since I typed those two little words back in late February, the ones that every novelist can’t wait for after months and months of hard work, namely THE END, the weeks following have been basically consumed with one task. As I began reaching out to agents and various publishers, I answered some version of the following question: so what’s your book about? Some agents want it summed up in one tidy sentence like a movie’s logline, while others allow a luxurious paragraph or two. In a few instances, a synopsis was requested, and now I finally know why my… Continue reading

Beating the Laptop Blues

When you’re a writer, you spend many, many days in the company of your laptop. And while I’m incredibly thankful for the portability and functionality of my MacBook, sometimes I type so much that I’m convinced I’m going to wind up with carpal tunnel or something. Just to be clear, being busy as a freelance writer is a very, very good thing. But when I’m not writing movie reviews, features and media reviews and segue into full-on novel-writing gear, I’ve discovered that “kicking it old school” has been a welcome, inspiring change of pace. Just like my high school English… Continue reading