20 Years Ago: Cap, Gown, Doc Martens

You know the question where people ask what advice you’d give your younger self? Well, my total Oprah moment happened, minus the illustrious Lady O, just last weekend when a young seating hostess at my favorite taco place was sporting a pair of black Doc Martens. “I know what I’d tell my younger self,” I thought as I looked at them longingly. “Never, ever get rid of your Doc Martens because one day, you’ll be wishing you still had yours.” I know they’re just shoes — boots actually — and I don’t even remember the precise moment they weren’t in… Continue reading

Goin’ Back to Nashville

In what has to be another land speed record for the passage of time, it’s hard to believe that March is (gasp!) almost a wrap. It’s been a really good month, one that began with a return to a place I hadn’t visited in much too long — Nashville. For anyone reading who doesn’t know me well, Music City played a rather significant role in my life story. It’s where my professional writing career began, it’s where I made incredible friends who still stay in touch despite the fact I’m 664 miles away, it’s where I met Will, and it’s… Continue reading

Rest in Peace, CDs

I know, I know, the CD died long before Best Buy recently decided to stop selling them (rumor has it, Target is next) as most people have comfortably made the transition to all things digital. And while I’m usually a fan of anything that frees up additional shelf space, it’s the weirdo, clutter-free freak in me, I’m still a little bummed that CDs are rapidly going the way of cassettes and 8-tracks. Worse yet, they’re also destined to be mocked by future generations. You’re kidding, you had to put that shiny, frisbee-like thing into a CD player to hear music? Perish… Continue reading

Six Years Ago @ Bocca della Verita

Facebook can be annoying for a million reasons, but  I do like when you’re reminded about fun little moments in life. Six years ago, Will and I were in Rome. It was my first time in Italy, and it was totally love at first sight. The food, the trees, the art, the architecture, the little cobblestone streets…yeah, you could say it was my jam. I felt right at home. One of my all-time favorite movies was completely shot on location there, too, so naturally when in Rome, we had to stop by Bocca della Verita (otherwise known as “the mouth… Continue reading

R.I.P. Borders

Given how insanely popular the e-reader has become, I should’ve known this day was coming—and fast… But when I heard that Borders was closing all its remaining stores, I was still sad and rather bummed out all the same. Naturally, my petty gripes about missing a bookstore pale in comparison to the 10,000+ people who lost their jobs as a result. While I’m mourning the loss of a place where I read, drank coffee and played the occasional game of Scrabble with my favorite people on the planet, I can only imagine how devestated they are and hope that everyone… Continue reading

Surviving Texas

While I’m not completely new to Southern living since I lived in Nashville for eight years not that long ago, I will confess that living in Texas has been a major shock to my system after four years back in Minneapolis/St. Paul. For one, I’d forgotten (or simply blocked out) just how hot and sticky the summers are, and for another, I’m still getting used to being called “honey” and “sweetie” by complete strangers all over again. Of course, the people in Minnesota are known for being nice (hence the expression “Minnesota nice”), but this brand of friendly sometimes catches… Continue reading