New Year + New Decade + Hope = Good

I feel like I’m way, WAY behind on everything lately. I guess not feeling the best lately will do that to you. After thinking I just had a routine cold-cough-flu thing, I found out I had pneumonia, which pretty much knocked me out for the month of December. Christmas almost feels like a blur now, but compared with what happened last year with my Mom, it was a veritable walk under a canopy of lemons. Being a lover of lemons, this is just one of many of my favorite snapshots from our trip to Europe. I have many, many blog… Continue reading

Getting Older Isn’t SO Bad

A year ago, I was mourning the arrival of the dreaded 38. And now that I’m (gasp!) 39, I’ve already had someone ask me if I’ve had a colonoscopy. The answer is no, but given my family history, I suppose I should add that to my to-do list. Yippee! It doesn’t seem possible that it’s 2015 or that I’m 39, but I’m writing today with a very full heart. As many of you already know from my posts on Facebook, my Mom had brain surgery a month ago today. Even with 30 full days to process what happened, it still… Continue reading