Surprise, Junior High Kids Aren’t So Bad!

Although the flight is always a particularly bumpy one into the Colorado Springs airport, it’s always fun heading west to hang with the fam and squeeze in a couple of book signings and promo events, too.

And in the four-and-a-half days I was there, I crammed a ton in, including a 56th birthday celebration for my Mom and plenty of playtime with my nearly three-month-old niece Adelyn. While I didn’t take any new pics of the cute little … Continue reading

My Introduction to High School Musical

Back in Michael Jackson’s Thriller heyday, I was convinced that he (or Duran Duran’s frontman Simon LeBon) was my future husband. For once, I was just like all the other girls on the planet, enjoying a little rock star crush.

And like any devoted fan, I plastered my walls with posters, religiously read every issue of Tiger Beat for the latest scoop (!!!) and kept up to date with all the pertinent stats—how many Grammy Awards they won, when their … Continue reading

Two Weeks With the Fab Four

Although I’m more than a decade too young to have experienced Beatlemania firsthand, I was first “introduced” to the lads from Liverpool by a high school friend in the early 90’s.

Sad, I know. But better late than never, right?

So basically while everyone else was sporting the flannel, crushin’ on everyone from Eddie Vedder to Billy Corgan and rockin’ out to “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” I was gaining quite an education about the band that forever … Continue reading

Loving the Season You’re In

I know, I know, “Love the Season You’re In” sounds a little touchy-feely, a little like something I’d see plastered on some car’s bumper and immediately roll my eyes and make some snarky comment about. But when I was walking in downtown St. Paul today during what’s probably the last of the beautiful Indian summer mornings we’ve been having lately here, the idea of loving the season I’m in actually made a whole lot of sense to me. … Continue reading

Finally…A Good Romantic-ish Comedy!

With Iron Man, Wall*E and of course, The Dark Knight, it’s been a pretty decent summer at the movies. For a much-needed boost of estrogen, I even liked the new Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie—even if I was supposed to believe that the  blonde chick from “Gossip Girl” would actually go on an archaeological dig. Yeah, right.

And while I know I was supposed to like Mamma Mia! given my love of most musicals-turned-movies and those delicious ABBA tracks, … Continue reading

Julie & Julia, The Book in Review

I love comparing movies with their book counterparts, so I thought it was high time to finish reading Julie & Julia before it hits a theater near me soon.

Rumor has it that Meryl Streep is going to play Julia Child, which I think will be perfect after seeing her in a not-so-age-appropriate role in Mamma Mia. And I think the casting of Amy Adams in the lead role of Julie is a great move, too. So far Amy has … Continue reading