Rest in Peace, CDs

I know, I know, the CD died long before Best Buy recently decided to stop selling them (rumor has it, Target is next) as most people have comfortably made the transition to all things digital.

And while I’m usually a fan of anything that frees up additional shelf space, it’s the weirdo, clutter-free freak in me, I’m still a little bummed that CDs are rapidly going the way of cassettes and 8-tracks.

Worse yet, they’re also destined … Continue reading

Soup’s On!

Ask any writer about his/her favorite way to procrastinate when he/she is supposed to be, ahem, lovingly crafting memorable, must-read prose, and you’d probably get a gazillion different answers.

For me, there’s always been something oddly therapeutic about making homemade soup. So when the temperature ventures into even slightly chilly territory (my Wisconsin and Minnesota friends would tease me mercilessly considering how 46 degrees is basically shorts-and-t-shirt weather for them), there’s a good chance I’m digging … Continue reading

I Don’t Know How I Feel About You, 2018.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still adjusting to this whole 2018 thing.

We’re more than halfway through January, and I still feel a bit discombobulated. I’ve celebrated another birthday right on schedule on the 2nd, and all the Christmas decorations have been safely boxed up for two weeks now, but I’m still not quite back to business as usual. Or for me, writing as usual unless it involves a firm, nope-you-can’t-procrastinate-darling, freelancing deadline.

Yes, it’s been … Continue reading

This One’s for the Ladies…

First things first, how are there only TWO days left in November?

I feel like I say this every year, but 2017 has zipped by with extraordinary speed. If I were to guess what month it was with absolutely no external clues, September 1 feels about right.

Of course September is just another summer month in Texas, so I’m happy that’s not the case humidity-wise, but I have a hard time believing that Thanksgiving is a wrap and we’re actually … Continue reading

Happy 10th Birthday, Debut Novel

I can hardly believe it’s been 10 (!!!) years since the release of my first novel, Around the World in 80 Dates.

While my book’s actual birthday was back on September 27, it was October 18, 2007 when I first spotted it on the shelf at Borders in Roseville, Minnesota (still miss you Borders, R.I.P.). As I picked up my novel from the shelf and, you know, confirmed it was mine, I was having a total That … Continue reading

Tearing Down, Rebuilding, Repeat

Since we last spoke, I’ve been taking all the wonderful advice I was given at Pitch Slam and tearing down (and rebuilding) the house formerly known as Spaghetti in Exile.

The process is as messy and complicated as one might expect. I’ve taken a hammer to sentences and paragraphs and even chapters I once held sacred. I’ve axed entire characters and plotlines altogether (and not in a murder mystery kind of way). I’ve chiseled and smoothed away a few … Continue reading