Quick, Curious, Playful & Strong: A Tribute to Kate Spade

Mourning someone you’ve never met has always been a strange phenomenon, and yet today when I received the push about Kate Spade’s sudden passing, I felt like somebody socked me in the gut.

Knowing my love of pretty much anything Kate ever put her name on, the texts began rolling in from family and friends with equally sad and surprised reactions to the news.

In stark contrast to the bright, cheery and more often than … Continue reading

20 Years Ago: Cap, Gown, Tassle, Doc Martens

You know the question where people ask what advice you’d give your younger self?

Well, my total Oprah moment happened, minus the illustrious Lady O, just last weekend when a young seating hostess at my favorite taco place was sporting a pair of black Doc Martens.

“I know what I’d tell my younger self,” I thought as I looked at them longingly. “Never, ever get rid of your Doc Martens because one day, you’ll be wishing you still … Continue reading

Goin’ Back to Nashville

In what has to be another land speed record for the passage of time, it’s hard to believe that March is (gasp!) almost a wrap.

It’s been a really good month, one that began with a return to a place I hadn’t visited in much too long — Nashville. For anyone reading who doesn’t know me well, Music City played a rather significant role in my life story. It’s where my professional writing career began, it’s … Continue reading

Rest in Peace, CDs

I know, I know, the CD died long before Best Buy recently decided to stop selling them (rumor has it, Target is next) as most people have comfortably made the transition to all things digital.

And while I’m usually a fan of anything that frees up additional shelf space, it’s the weirdo, clutter-free freak in me, I’m still a little bummed that CDs are rapidly going the way of cassettes and 8-tracks.

Worse yet, they’re also destined … Continue reading

Soup’s On!

Ask any writer about his/her favorite way to procrastinate when he/she is supposed to be, ahem, lovingly crafting memorable, must-read prose, and you’d probably get a gazillion different answers.

For me, there’s always been something oddly therapeutic about making homemade soup. So when the temperature ventures into even slightly chilly territory (my Wisconsin and Minnesota friends would tease me mercilessly considering how 46 degrees is basically shorts-and-t-shirt weather for them), there’s a good chance I’m digging … Continue reading

I Don’t Know How I Feel About You, 2018.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still adjusting to this whole 2018 thing.

We’re more than halfway through January, and I still feel a bit discombobulated. I’ve celebrated another birthday right on schedule on the 2nd, and all the Christmas decorations have been safely boxed up for two weeks now, but I’m still not quite back to business as usual. Or for me, writing as usual unless it involves a firm, nope-you-can’t-procrastinate-darling, freelancing deadline.

Yes, it’s been … Continue reading