Wistful for Dusty Ol’ Library Basements

I’ll be honest, I’m not usually a pine-for-the-old-days kind of gal. Sure, I absolutely adore old movies and prefer writing actual letters (yes, in my own frilly cursive) to e-mail any day of the week, but you won’t see me giving up electricity and “living off the land” any time soon. After all, I enjoy all the perks of modern life too much to go granola. Although I was a little late to the party, I’m still in awe of my cell phone’s multi-tasking powers and love that I never have to miss my favorite TV shows again, thanks to… Continue reading

Writing By Your Own Watch

While I was walking down the cobblestone streets a stone’s throw from Rome’s famed Spanish steps a few weeks ago, I was thinking about my next novel and how long it’s been taking to come together. In the publishing world, or really any industry where creative output is the order of the day, there’s a pretty high premium on producing consistently. And since my last novel released just shy of three years ago, I’ve been asked on several occasions by well-meaning writer friends and thoughtful people who’ve enjoyed my last books when the next one is hitting store shelves. Now… Continue reading

Surviving Texas

While I’m not completely new to Southern living since I lived in Nashville for eight years not that long ago, I will confess that living in Texas has been a major shock to my system after four years back in Minneapolis/St. Paul. For one, I’d forgotten (or simply blocked out) just how hot and sticky the summers are, and for another, I’m still getting used to being called “honey” and “sweetie” by complete strangers all over again. Of course, the people in Minnesota are known for being nice (hence the expression “Minnesota nice”), but this brand of friendly sometimes catches… Continue reading

In the End, It’s Only Stuff…

All has been quiet on the blogging front since I’ve been living in the Dallas metroplex these past three weeks, and believe me, it hasn’t been for the lack of something to say. There’s just been a whole lotta (and yes, I realize I said “whole lotta”…ha ha) unexpected drama with getting settled in, and suffice it to say, I can’t wait for things to be nice and routine again (a.k.a. normal). Now mind you, the Banisters’ drama is not the salacious stuff of your average episode of Jersey Shore (thank goodness), but it’s been crazy all the same, thanks… Continue reading

A Long, Long Jaunt Down I-35

Well, I’m officially living in the Lone Star state now, and my, my, my what a crazy journey it’s been! I gotta say moving is truly not for the faint of heart. After finishing up the packing (whew!) and officially saying goodbye to my downtown St. Paul abode, my friend Krista and I (along with Blackjack, Will and I’s trusty black Toyota Highlander and Gretta, Krista’s bossy but oh-so-helpful GPS) made the sizable trek to the place where everything’s supposedly bigger and there’s mouthwatering salsa and guacamole around every corner. And thanks to our 16-hour journey down I-35, I crossed… Continue reading

The Lost Art of Writing Letters

While packing for a big move is generally one giant hassle, I have to admit that I actually love getting rid of all the stuff I really don’t need. I’ve never been a pack rat by nature, and clutter drives me absolutely nuts, so any opportunity to streamline our stash (especially after four years in the same apartment) is always welcome. But in all my overzealous fits of throwing junk away over the years, I’ve always held on to an unobtrusive, medium-sized box of letters and cards that have really meant something to me. With Will starting his new job… Continue reading