New Year + New Decade + Hope = Good

I feel like I’m way, WAY behind on everything lately. I guess not feeling the best lately will do that to you. After thinking I just had a routine cold-cough-flu thing, I found out I had pneumonia, which pretty much knocked me out for the month of December. Christmas almost feels like a blur now, but compared with what happened last year with my Mom, it was a veritable walk under a canopy of lemons. Being a lover of lemons, this is just one of many of my favorite snapshots from our trip to Europe. I have many, many blog… Continue reading

Escaping to Sonoma County

Probably one of my most frequent critiques of modern-day filmmaking is the sheer lack of character development involved. Yes, I know that movies are a visual medium and shouldn’t be compared with their literary counterparts as a result. I also realize that it’s difficult to make characters a priority when a story is told in two hours or less. But what can I say? I want it all. When you’ve seen character development done well on the big screen, no amount of special effects splendor can compete. So by now, you’re probably wondering, what does all this chatter about characters… Continue reading

Pack Your Knives and Go!

I think Padma Lakshmi may have found her love match (hint: it’s not with her last boyfriend Richard Gere). I think she and Gronk from the Patriots make a pretty cute couple, no? On a side note, if Rob Gronkowski’s interviews are anything close to how he is in real life, oy vey. I’d pity the poor woman who had to listen to that. But on the episode of “Top Chef” where the Patriots tight end was featured recently, Padma sure looks happy, huh? Speaking of “Top Chef,” this season in Boston has been really fun to DVR. While I’m… Continue reading

Why Hello There, Desk

Between December and January, I called the great state of Colorado my home for a little more than five weeks. Now that I’ve been back in Texas for going on five days, however, I must confess that it’s still sort of a strange reality to sit at my desk, and you know, write. I did a couple of assignments while I was away (on a side note, I’m so grateful for the flexibility of freelancing during my Mom’s whole ordeal) and a couple since I’ve been back, and planting my behind back in this desk chair still feels a little… Continue reading

Getting Older Isn’t SO Bad

A year ago, I was mourning the arrival of the dreaded 38. And now that I’m (gasp!) 39, I’ve already had someone ask me if I’ve had a colonoscopy. The answer is no, but given my family history, I suppose I should add that to my to-do list. Yippee! It doesn’t seem possible that it’s 2015 or that I’m 39, but I’m writing today with a very full heart. As many of you already know from my posts on Facebook, my Mom had brain surgery a month ago today. Even with 30 full days to process what happened, it still… Continue reading

Beating the Laptop Blues

When you’re a writer, you spend many, many days in the company of your laptop. And while I’m incredibly thankful for the portability and functionality of my MacBook, sometimes I type so much that I’m convinced I’m going to wind up with carpal tunnel or something. Just to be clear, being busy as a freelance writer is a very, very good thing. But when I’m not writing movie reviews, features and media reviews and segue into full-on novel-writing gear, I’ve discovered that “kicking it old school” has been a welcome, inspiring change of pace. Just like my high school English… Continue reading