05.10.05: The Day I Said Yes in Chicago

classic-engagement-ring-styles-010I love whenever May 10th rolls around.

In the world of Will and Christa, it’s a national holiday because it’s the day we got engaged back in 2005. Speaking of which, I can’t ┬ábelieve that was eight (!!!) years already. Time is, indeed, flying right on by.

Back in 2005, we were in Chicago because that’s where U2 was. While Will had seen those fabulous Irishmen in concert already, I hadn’t. So needless to say, that needed to be remedied, and the “Vertigo” tour was the perfect initiation.

While U2 was just as spectacular as I thought they’d be live, not even Bono could top a proposal from the one I loved more than I ever thought was possible. Will surprised me while we were eating deep dish pizza from Gino’s East, and I was so happy that I can’t even remember what we talked about afterward. I do remember ordering a post-engagement frappuccino, calling my family and my friend Tracey to share the news and strolling down Michigan Avenue, but that’s about it.

Now eight years later, we’ve decided to celebrate that beautiful day yet again. Since we won’t be in the Windy City, however, we’re opting for the next best thing. Yes, we will be having a slice of Chicago delivered to our home from Gino’s East, and we can hardly wait. :)

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